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Meet Estela

Success Stories, Neighbor to Neighbor, Larimer Co, CO, non-profitI was in a tough situation and got a phone call from N2N.  Marty informed me my name was coming up on the waiting list to move in.  I was extremely excited when I got the next phone call to start my moving process.  I am ever so grateful for my new home, and the way I have been treated by the staff here at N2N.  I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have such a beautiful home to call mine.  I am excited to take advantage of all the programs they offer here to improve my life.  
Thank you all and God Bless.




Meet Adam

I was a victim of the 2013 Big Thompson flood. My family lost all of our household income at once. Our life took a drastic change of course from a fruitful annual salary as a head chef to trying to survive on fixed emergency unemployment insurance. I fell behind on my rent, was struggling to feed our dogs and was relying on the food shelf. When we needed it most, my truck stopped running. Hitchhiking to and from town to our house in the country, I was also facing possible eviction if I was unable to catch up on rent and fast. That was when I came to Neighbor to Neighbor. Broke, losing hope and a little scared, I was welcomed in and informed about Emergency Rent Assistance. Rachel helped me understand what I needed to do to qualify and walked me through the paperwork I needed to fill out step by step. Today I am receiving a check toward rent that will allow me to keep our roof over our heads. In two weeks I’ll get my first paycheck from my new job and will be able to continue paying rent myself. Life can begin returning to a more normal state of being and I owe a huge, heartfelt thank you to Neighbor to Neighbor for making it possible. Thank you!!!



  Meet Linda

I heard about N2N through The Food Bank for Larimer County.  After working there for 17 years I had to retire due to disability.  Knowing N2N has helped so many families, I did not know I would be on the same side someday!  Upon receiving my disabled grandson to raise I was in a dilemma.  We had no place to live and we needed a two bedroom apartment ASAP.  After being homeless myself and wondering what I would do, I went to N2N to see if they could help us.  They had a place for us within our budget!  I was elated.  Didn’t have money for the deposit but N2N helped us with first month’s rent.  My tears went from sorrow to joy immediately.  My grandson and I couldn’t be happier.  We have our own place now we can call HOME and feel they joy once again.  Now we can get back on our feet thanks to N2N.  I cannot show or tell you how much I appreciate these people and this agency.  They are truly a Godsend!  From our hearts we thank you.



Meet the Armendariz Family

In December 2011 I was laid off. It came as a complete surprise to me just like many others in my shoes. My wife was a stay-at-home mom and we had no source of income. We immediately called our bank thinking they would be reasonable but they were not. On top of all this, we found out my wife was pregnant. I spent the next few months giving the bank everything they asked for but it seemed hopeless. They would say the documents were not sent, were lost, expired, didn’t match their records, not filled out correctly.  A few months later they informed me that I was in foreclosure. I owed over $11,000 in delinquency fees. I had started a job but did not make enough to pay the money. At my wits end I called the Colorado’s Foreclosure Hotline. It was the best thing I could have done. Neighbor to Neighbor who treated me with kindness and respect. Katie told me all of my options and spoke to the bank on my behalf.  She really gave us hope. By the time our second son was born we had confidence in our plans to keep our house. We now have a lower rate and lower monthly payment to fit our income.  But most of all our family can continue to grow in the house that we have worked so hard on. Thank you Neighbor to Neighbor for all your hard work. It will not be forgotten. Sincerely, Will, Ginger, Braydon and baby Tristan


   Meet Sabrina

I just moved to Fort Collins about 45 days ago from Massillon, Ohio.  I moved  here to be closer to my brother and sister as we are a close family.  After my mother and oldest sister died we are all each other have.  So I came to start a new life. 

I got a job one week after I arrived and just needed help with first month’s rent to get me started on my new life. 
Neighbor to Neighbor made moving into my new home possible.  I love where I live - it's diverse, good for the kids, and close to my job. 








Meet the Stephen's Family

When we evacuated in a hurry June 9, 2012, as the High Park fire burned directly south of our home in Poudre Park, we didn’t think we’d find ourselves out of house and home and away from everything we relied on for day to day living. We also didn’t anticipate the helpless feeling of waiting and waiting for information. With our first baby due in just a few weeks and living in a friends basement we needed to make some changes with new housing. What a mess! Housing in Fort Collins was more expensive, limited and not pet friendly. Options were few and houses were flying off the market. Baby’s due date marched closer and the fire kept burning.

Through the disaster relief center we learned about Neighbor to Neighbor. Working with the Counselors and staff helped us access resources to help our family get through this unexpected, disruptive and stressful time. We are now settled into our new home and welcomed our baby home to an environment not full of smoke, soot and ash or a tiny basement. We hope to pay it forward and show our great thanks for help when we needed it and for the friends folks at N2N who supported us.


Meet Ayanna

    Moving to N2N has been the best move for my family.  I have experienced so much within this community.  To see first-hand how they apply all their time and hard work in the community, from the summer program that they are hands on and 100% involved with, to the community events for neighbors to get to know each other, to the resources they have available.  They are more than just landlords and property managers they are a part of the community, and to many such as myself they are family. 
     Everything N2N does is to help better the community and to help those who are unsure how to build their foundation, by giving them the helping hands and support they need.  I want to personally thank everyone at N2N for their dedication and hard work for families struggling such as myself.  -Ayanna


Meet Brian

I have never asked for help to pay my rent and was very reserved about doing so, but I am glad I asked for help instead of letting the problem get worse. I am employed with a good job and I believe in pulling my own weight, but because of losing hours at work due to a transportation issue I got behind on my bills. The help I received from Neighbor to Neighbor is very much appreciated. They never once made me feel ashamed for asking for help and I found the staff, Rachel, friendly and polite. Thank you, Brian in Loveland 



 Meet a local mom

I am a survivor of domestic violence along with my son. During our stay at the shelter, my advocate made me aware of N2N. I knew I had to get my family back on track so I enrolled in school and started saving for a place to live. Not only was N2N able to help me reduce my first months rent, they gave me wonderful tools that will help me learn to budget my money. Because of that, I feel confident in being able to control my life more and not fear my money. And teach my son how to manage his money so he never is in this situation. Thank you, N2N!!