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About Us

An overview... 

Stable housing is vital to individual, family and community health. According to the Compass of Larimer County report, "When housing is lost or threatened, all other elements of the family (job, school, health) are placed at risk." Without meeting basic housing needs, families struggle with other needs such as nutrition, education, employment and health care. Neighbor to Neighbor is a primary housing resource for Larimer County residents, with services from homelessness to homeownership. N2N provides stability to all Larimer County residents in three key service areas:

  • Renter and Homelessness Prevention 
  • Affordable Housing Apartments
  • Homeownership Program

Generous support from the community drives the success of N2N to be able to: prevent homelessness for 500 households in Larimer County each year, prevent foreclosure for 90% of cases, educate 1000 individuals working toward homeownership annually, maintain affordable apartments for over 300 adults and children and maintain supportive programs for youth and residents.


Our History...

Neighbor to Neighbor grew out of a grassroots movement in 1970. In a neighborhood in northeast Fort Collins, a large family was about to lose their home. Their neighbors joined together and successfully raised enough money to keep the family from becoming homeless. This spirit of giving and compassion led to the founding of N2N. Since then, programs have expanded to meet the growing need for affordable housing and self-sufficiency programs in Larimer County, including our HUD-Certified Renter and Home Ownership programs and our Affordable Housing program. Today, N2N serves over 5,000 individuals each year.